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I create art in a stream of consciousness manner. I let my art come from a place inside my head. It is autonomous. It is not premeditated, and I think of it as I go. This form of creation allows me to have some sort of dialogue with my subconscious. Final pieces often teach me about how I feel, but more so act as a place for me to process my feelings, emotions, and my personal response to the world around me.

 I believe the process is more important than the final piece. I choose the colors, materials, and subject matter as I go. I simply pick up the medium or color I feel drawn to and I work with it. My environment and mood directly impacts a piece, therefore I prefer to work in solitude in order to create from my inner world.


 I would describe my approach to art as political. I believe there is a problematic effect in thinking in terms of the system of tradition. Therefore, I try to break these barrier norms through art. Capitalism, economics, social constructs, language systems, all seem to enclose the world in a very small cage. I believe through imagination and intellect we can surpass these structures. This is why I listen to my intuition and subconscious when I am creating. Rather than focusing on composition, color combinations, and artistic strategy I simply just begin the process of painting. This allows me to break aways from a traditional approach of art and merely create from within. 

 Throughout the years, I have been exposed to a wide variety of mediums. A wide array of artistic practices has strengthened my appreciation and understanding of art. I have experience in drawing, acrylic painting, oil painting, screen printing, ceramics, stop motion animation, textile design, weaving, sewing, photography, and other forms of sculpture. I also practice dance, sing, play guitar, and write. Creativity is included in my everyday lifestyle. My artistic practice is woven into my daily life, and I would never separate the two. 

 Through my art I explore the importance of understanding how I feel. When I am painting, I am thinking of everything but the painting. The painting is just a response to that of which I am thinking. I just grab the color I know I need, and continue to dive deep into my mind. I feel my art is primitive in a way. It is not tainted by the masses but is embellished by the individual approach. My artistic goal is to encourage people to think for themselves as an individual and to discourage homogeneity. 

Overall, Art for me is an outlet. It is a friend. It is an extension of myself. I am afraid to say it is art because the word itself encloses it in a structure. I am often reluctant  to speak about my work or even title it sometimes because my philosophy is to let the art exist outside of the structure system, and language is a grand system in itself.

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