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DAAVKA's 2022 New York Fashion Week show titled  'A Simulations' reimagines old textiles and perceptions of clothing. I took old quilts, knits, blankets and suits in order to compose a new meaning. of tradition.

Energy cannot be created nor destroyed. We must reinvent the old and make new. To take old  worlds of ancient knowledge or colonial terrors and tailor them into a whole knew garment. 


Repurpose the pain, realign the heart, and question everything . Clothes are thy garment. Clothes are thy shield. Clothes are a bodily extension.

The Tittle ' A Simulations' nods at Simulacra. The idea  of copies that depict things that either had no reality to begin with, or that no longer have an original. Simulation is the imitation of the operation of a real-world process or system over time. We are imitating the feeling that these textiles awaken, however in a whole new form.


You can’t create a new without cutting up the old. You can’t heal the sickness without diagnosis 


Pop out, 3D.

 We are 'A simulating' to the now. 2022.



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